Jan 17, 2018

The foreign doctor who treated the Jaffna street dog (Pics)

An Australian Veterinarian had treated a street dog suffering from cancer, seen roaming in the Jaffna Mullakam area yesterday (16).

According to the Mallakam residents, the Veterinarian had seen the dog on the street suffering from cancer and had captured him and treated his condition.

The said Veterinarian, Sinnathambi Gajendran, a native of Jaffna, Alavetti, had migrated to Australia and is serving as a Veterinarian.

The residents claim that the Veterinarian had taken the dog to a local animal hospital and treated it himself.

They said that the Veterinarian had informed them that the dog was suffering from a skin cancer.

Jaffna doc dog 1

Jaffna doc dog 2

Jaffna doc dog 3

Jaffna doc dog 4

Jaffna doc dog 5

Jaffna doc dog 6