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Jan 16, 2018

Another gazette to annul lifted alcohol ban on women Featured

Another gazette will be issued today (16) annulling the one that lifted the ban on women from buying alcohol and being employed at liquor stalls, says the Ministry of Finance.

This is pursuant to a written presidential directive yesterday, says the ministry.

Addressing a SLFP function in Agalawatte on the previous day, president Maithripala Sirisena said he instructed ministry officials to annul the subject minister’s gazette notification.

The country is today having an administration that ensures democracy and freedom, but those should be enjoyed with humanity, he said, adding that some were trying to deny that freedom.

Hela Bodu Saviya commends president

Order all ministers to inform the president in advance

Meanwhile, Hela Bodu Saviya has commended the president for annulling the gazette.

Writing to the president, its head Budugala Jinawansa Thera says it is unfortunate that the president and the prime minister are not being consulted on such ethically and culturally sensitive issues.

The letter asks the president to instruct all ministers that he be informed in advance before moving such proposals.

It also alleges a conspiracy within, to inconvenience the government.

Given below is his letter:

Hela Bodu Saviya Doc