Jan 14, 2018

Another tusker killed? (pics)

The carcass of a tusker has been found in a home garden in the Puttalam – Kaladi area, according to the Puttalam Police.

It is suspected that this tusker had died due to electrocution.

The villagers had seen the carcass today (14) and notified the police.

According to the owner of the garden where the dead tusker was found, although he had erected an electric fence around his compound to protect his home from wild elephant attacks, this fence is currently dysfunctional. 

An autopsy is to be carried out to determine the cause of death of this elephant.

This is the second elephant carcass that was discovered in the past 14 days near the Sellankandal reserve.

Recently the carcass of a wild elephant that had been shot and killed had been found near the Karuwalagaswewa area.

During the past 05 years around 20 elephants had died in the Puttalam-Kalladi area due to various reasons.

During that period 06 persons had been killed due to wild elephant attacks. Another 20 had come under wild elephant attacks and suffered injuries while 12 of them are currently rendered disabled.

Killed elephant 1

Killed elephant 2

Killed elephant 3

Killed elephant 4

Killed elephant 5

Killed elephant 6

Killed elephant 7

Killed elephant 8

Killed elephant 9