Jan 11, 2018

Uva Chief Minister makes principal kneel

The Uva Chief Minister Chamara Sampath Dasanayake had summoned the Principal of a Tamil girls school in Badulla which comes under the administration of the Uva Provincial Council, made her kneel and put pressure on her, alleged the Secretary of the All Ceylon Teachers Association, Joseph Stalin.

This incident had taken place as a result of an incident where pressure was exerted to admit a student to the school. The Managing Director of CAFÉ and the Human Rights Centre Keerthi Tennakoon had written to the Secretary of the Education Ministry, urging him to conduct an investigation into this incident.

The parents of the student in concern had obtained a letter from the Chief Minister and forced the Principal to admit their child to the school. However, the Principal had rejected the letter and said that she was not prepared to cater to political requirements and she was only bound by the orders of the Education Ministry officials.

The parents of the student had notified the Chief Minister of the Principal’s refusal to accept his letter and as such he had summoned her and made her kneel and obtain pardon from his for disregarding his order.

Tennakoon in his letter to the Education Ministry Secretary had noted that this was unbecoming of a civilized society and asked that an investigation be initiated into this incident.

Expressing his views Stalin said such pressure and intimidation of Principals and teachers should be condemned and urged that strict action should be taken against those who act in a manner that degrades and belittles the teaching profession.