Jan 09, 2018

‘Resa’ Lake House alternate newspaper

Another newspaper is scheduled to join the national newspaper stream from next Thursday (11).

The newspaper will be published by Lake House and is named ‘Resa’ .

This newspaper is expected to attract the readers who had so far eluded the reach of Lake House publications and will focus on raising a voice against petty differences related to science, lack of civilization, myth, racism, religious intolerance.

This newspaper will be headed by a young and enthusiastic journalist, Chamara Lakshan Kumara with another outspoken young journalist with vigour and courage Kasun Pussawela serving as his Deputy Editor.

Meanwhile, Ranjith Kumara Samarakone will serve as its Features Editor and Shalika Wimalasena will take on the reigns as the News Editor.

Many young journalists including Thimbiriyagama Bandara, Jayasiri Jayasekara, Ravindra Wijewardena, Nilantha Gamade, Manjula Samarasekara, Kasun Irugalbandara, Pabadu Saputhanthri and Shivanthi Fernando will contribute to ‘Resa’ as journalists.

Resa will also join hands with new technology through its web news portal managed by Madhuka Fernando and Vimukshi Dushantha.

Seneviratne together with a team of talented page makers will handle the appearance and layout of the paper.