Jan 08, 2018

Ravi asks for bond report based on RTI Act

Former Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake had asked for the Treasury bond report that was released on December 30, based on the Right To Information Act.

On a prior occasion too Karunanayake had written to the Presidential Secretary Austin Fernando regarding this matter.


Karunanayake had noted that through the President’s special statement on the bond scam report, only he was implicated and as such he needed a copy of the report at the earliest.

Even the Prime Minister has not received a copy

Meanwhile the Prime Minister’s office stated that although a request was made to the President’s office seeking a copy of the bond report, they too had still not received a copy.

Although the Prime Minister had made a request from the Speaker to convene parliament and hold a special parliamentary session top debate the bond issue, no one seems to have received a copy of the report as yet.

Ravi’s lawyers reject report content

On a prior instance, Ravi Karunanayake’s lawyers told Sri Lanka Mirror that as the Central Bank was not under Karunanayake at the time the incident had taken place, these allegations were baseless and he should not be held responsible.

They claim that Karunanayake had testified before the bond commission with the aim of assisting them find the true offenders, and his evidence cannot be dismissed as false evidence.