Jan 07, 2018

Ministerial Secretary in hot water over bond scam! Featured

The report submitted by the special Presidential Committee appointed to investigate the bond scam had clearly mentioned the name of a secretary to a powerful minister, according to the President’s office information sources.

However, the President had avoided mentioning the name of the relevant minister during his special statement on the bond scam investigation report.

According to the President’s special statement the loss incurred due to the bond scam is over Rs. 8.5 billion, while heavy losses as a result was caused to the EPF, National Savings Bank, Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation, Insurance Corporation Fund and the Mahapola Scholarship fund.


How did Malik – Kabir escape?

At the time the bond scam took place, most of the institutions mentioned were under the Public Enterprises Development Minister, Kabir Hashim.


Hence, many are shocked as to how the President had not held him responsible for this incident.

Meanwhile, according to the COPE Committee report, at the time the Treasury bonds were issued UNP Chairman Malik Samarawickrema had also come to the venue, but his name too was omitted in the President’s statement.

According to the evidence revealed subsequent to evidence gathered through the COPE Committee reports and Bond Commission, the names of two most powerful UNP ministers were directly linked to this scam, but ironically they were not even mentioned by the President in his statement, but Ravi Karunanayake only was made a suspect in this case based on a private transaction with the Aloysius family, which is surprising, the Colombo Today website noted.

However, National Freedom Front Leader MP Wimal Weerawansa said at a press briefing that the masterminds of the bond scam cannot be allowed to escape by sacrificing Ravi Karunanayake over a private transaction.