Jan 07, 2018

Concessionary motorcycles cause discontent Featured

The previous government had provided motorcycles at concessionary rates to field officers and police personnel, but they are now facing great difficulty as they have been notified by the Budget Department to pay up the entire sum, it was reported to Sri Lanka Mirror.

 In addition those who had obtained these motorcycles and are scheduled to retire within five years, they are required to pay up the entire amount prior to their retirement.


Although the circular in this regard was issued on July 07, 2015, the recipients had only been notified recently.


The motorcycles worth Rs. 188,000 had been given to females at Rs. 50,000 while males were given motorcycles worth Rs. 194,000.

Accordingly, they have been notified to deduct the initial payment of Rs. 50,000 and pay back the entire amount of the motorcycle.



Due to the motorcycle debt pensioners are without pension


The majority of those who obtained motorcycles through this scheme are police officers and majority of them have now retired.


It is also reported that these police personnel had been notified to pay up the balance sum of the motorcycles prior to receiving their pension payment, which has put them into a dilemma.


At the time these motorcycles were provided, it was said that those scheduled to retire within two years of purchasing were not eligible to receive these motorcycles.