Jan 03, 2018

Health Minister assigns Government nurses to Neville Fernando hospital

The All Ceylon Nurses Union alleged that around 40 nurses who had received their training at state nursing schools had been illegally assigned to the Neville Fernando hospital in Malabe.

The Union states that the Health Minister and those representing SAITM should be held responsible for this illegal act.

These student nurses had been given the opportunity to name the hospitals they would prefer to be assigned to.

However, the Neville Fernando hospital was not among the preferred list and the Organizing Secretary of the All Ceylon Nurses Union H.M.S.B. Mediwatte charged that it was totally wrong to assign these nurses to a hospital that was not on their preferred list.

He said the nurses had been assigned to the Neville Fernando hospital on emergency requirement grounds and was assured all facilities and allowances on par with the nurses of the Sri Jayawardenapura hospital. But so far they had not even received their December wages.

Therefore, Mediwatte noted that these nurses should immediately be removed from the Neville Fernando hospital and assigned to government hospitals of their preference.