Jan 02, 2018

Polythene ban – burden on the people

“The consumers have to pay an extra amount due to the ban on polythene,” said the President of the All Ceylon Canteen Owners Association (PCOA) Asela Sampath.

He said due to the ban the price of a curry bag which was 25 cents had increased to 75 cents, the shopping bag which was around One rupee had increased to between 3-4 rupees and the lunch sheet which was around One rupee had also increased to around 3-4 rupees.

Asela Sampath pointed out that the people are sceptical whether the polythene ban would be implemented properly and added that if it is not implemented properly the people will have to pay this extra amount for nothing.

He said there should be proper policies in place for such measures, without which every person who comes into power could change these regulations. Asela noted that they would be monitoring the actions of the relevant officials closely.