Jan 01, 2018

President to make a special statement Featured

President Maithripala Sirisena has tweeted that he would make a special statement on January 03 with regard to the report handed over to him by the commission that inquired into the controversial Central Bank bond sale.

In an unconfirmed report, ‘Sunday Times’ said the report has recommended strong action against nine politicians who were blamed over the matter.

Previously, Sri Lanka Mirror said quoting very reliable sources that the commission has recommended that the loss incurred to the state from the CB bond sale in 2015 should be recovered from those responsible for the scam.

Also, president Sirisena has summoned the prime minister and the attorney general for a meeting tomorrow to discuss the next course of action with regard to the matter.

Despite requests to make the report public immediately, media reports that it would be done only after the conclusion of the local government polls.