Jan 01, 2018

Dengue vaccine delayed due to tug-of-war Featured

The local availability of a vaccine for dengue fever is likely to get delayed by several years due to a tug-of-war between members of a committee appointed with the task, say health sector sources.

The professors and doctors in the committee are divided to support two suppliers, who are companies from France and Japan.

The French company’s vaccine is WHO-approved and is being used by many countries, but has faced certain trouble in Indonesia.

The Japanese product is still at the clinical testing stage.

Some of the committee members are said to be in the payroll of the Japanese company as its advisors.

The sources say leading hospitals in Singapore too, prescribe the French product.

Last year saw 400 dengue fatalities and 190,988 patients, mostly from Colombo, and the epidemiology unit warns of another outbreak due to the oncoming rainy season.