Dec 28, 2017

Evil spirit fear in Jaffna a mere myth

The media reports being circulated that the death of nine family members was due to the presence of some evil spirit is untrue, said the Jaffna hospital authorities.

The authorities stated that there was no evidence to substantiate claims of any evil spirit, but they were aware that the deaths were caused due to various illnesses.

Certain media had reported that some traders who had shops in an area under the Jaffna Municipal Council had mysteriously died.

However, when the Jaffna Municipal Council officials were questioned about these reports, they claimed that nothing had been reported to them.

They stated that the only incidents that they were aware of was that two Muslim elderly businessmen and two Tamil elderly businessmen who owned shops in that area had passed away recently.

The Jaffna hospital authorities urged the people to refrain from believing in such myths and according to medical science there is no way that people can die due to the presence of evil spirits.

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