Dec 23, 2017

'Those who tried to erase the Bandaranaike name are now pasting posters' Featured

President Maithripala Sirisena said it is a twist of fate that those very people who tried to erase the Bandaranaike name from the SLFP are now trying to put up posters of Mr. and Mrs Bandaranaike and conducting the election campaign of G.L. Peiris’s party.

The President made this statement addressing the SLFP electoral organiser’s meeting held yesterday (22).

The meeting held under the patronage of the President was well attended by representatives of the SLFP headquarters, electoral organisers, the President’s district coordinators and a large gathering of lawyers.

He said it is a tradition maintained over time that prior to a meeting of the SLFP a minutes silence is observed in remembrance of the services rendered to the party by its founder Mr. Bandaranaike and Mrs. Bandaranaike who stood by and protected the party through all testing times, but those in power in 2011 were trying to do away with this tradition.

“I was the General Secretary of the party and at the beginning of 2011 I was ordered to do away with remembering the Bandaranaikes’ during party events. However, I recommenced this tradition once I became the President and took over the leadership of the party.
These people even tried to remove the photographs of the Bandaranaike’s that were at the party headquarters.

These people who tried to erase the Bandaranaike name are now using their photographs for the election campaign of G.L. Peiris’s party. This is what you call a twist of fate.”

 Right direction- together towards a unspoiled journey:

The President pointed out that it was Bandaranaike’s intention to engage in clean politics and said that it is the responsibility of the party to continue his vision.

He said the theme of the party should be to forge ahead with clean politics united in the correct direction.

President Sirisena also noted that if the Bandaranaike’s were still in politics, they would never have allowed the 18th Amendment to the Constitution.