Dec 23, 2017

Presidential com. to probe corruption in Mihin, Sri Lankan! Featured

President Maithripala Sirisena said a Commission has been appointed to investigate the massive fraud and corruption said to have taken place in Mihin and Sri Lanka airlines and submit a report based on their findings.

He expressed hope that many fraudulent actions and corruption during the past would be unravelled by these investigations.

The President made this comment during the SLFP organisers meeting held yesterday (22).

The meeting which was held under the patronage of the President was attended by SLFP headquarters senior officials, the President’s district coordinators and a large gathering of lawyers.

No forgiveness for Bond thieves!

The President further noted that the Treasury Bond Commission report will be published by the end of this months and added that based on the findings of the report if anyone or any group is found guilty of misappropriation of public funds, they would be punished legally irrespective of their status, party, religion or race.

“When I contested as the common candidate, I had nothing in my bank accounts. At a time like that, when I stepped out of the party, the people gave me their vote. However this mandate was not to allow the continuation of corruption but to bring about a clean political culture.

I will take stern action:

After I became the President I strived to eradicate corruption. I will take stern action through this LG elections. I will strive to make this country clean and corrupt free, disregarding party or politics,” the President emphasised.