Dec 14, 2017

Stock of aviation fuel fails first test

A stock of aviation fuel imported by CPC from India has failed the initial quality standard test.

Expressing his views on this matter, the Secretary of the Petroleum and Petroleum gas Ministry Upali Marasinghe said as the stock of fuel had failed the initial test it would be subjected to another quality test.

Marasinghe assured that low quality aviation fuel will not be released to the market under any circumstance.

He said the stock of aviation fuel of 10,000 metric tons has now been sent for the second testing process.

He said a decision on what needs to be done next will be decided upon once the results of the second test is received, but he also rejected claims that this stock of fuel was imported by the Indian Oil Company.

He said as the demand for aviation fuel had increased two shipments of oil had been ordered and one of it is the one currently being tested, while the other ship carrying 20,000 metric tons of aviation fuel is reaching the Colombo Port. Hence he assured that there would not be a shortage of aviation fuel in the market.