Dec 13, 2017

Schools lack teachers while the qualified lack appointments (Pics) Featured

Those who had passed the teaching degree in the Western province engaged in a protest opposite the ‘Ranmaga Paya’ Zonal Education Ministry today (13).

The protestors demanded that those who had passed the Western Province teaching degree be granted appointments immediately. This group had qualified in 2014 and for the past three years they had not received appointments.

Of the 4,096 who had qualified, only around 2000 had received their appointments, while 1730 of them are left helpless.

They point out that they are the victims of the inefficiency of the Education Ministry officials and they have to pay the price for the tug-of-war between the education officials and the authorities.

However, the Western province Education Minister Ranjith Somawansha and the ‘Ranmaga Paya’ officials had assured the protesters that 203 of them would be given placements by January 02 and the others would be recruited based on the existing availability of vacancies.

They had also assured the group that this issue would be discussed with the President as well.

However, the Western province graduate teachers collective said until all the graduate teachers have been given placements, they would not give up their agitation.

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