Dec 10, 2017

Employees complain to PM against tea smallholdings chief Featured

Tea Smallholdings Development Authority chairman Wijeratne Devagedara is planning to waste around Rs. six million by organizing a ceremony to felicitate the institution’s employees, a group of its employees has complained to the prime minister.


Most of the would-be recipients of the awards are those who support the corrupt chairman, the group has told the premier.

The felicitation, ‘Wewili Saviya awards ceremony 2017’ is due to take place at KIU Sarasavi Auditorium at Battaramulla on December 12.

Even newspaper advertisements have been published regarding the function, for which attendance is compulsory for all employees of the Authority.

Not only that, they have to wear a special dress ordered by Devagedara.

He is organizing such a function even without paying the fertilizer and cultivation subsidies due tea smallholdings for 2016.

A copy of the complaint to the premier is given below:

Doc 002















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