Dec 10, 2017

12 villages wiped off the map! Featured

Twelve ancient villages have been wiped off Sri Lanka’s map following the water filling of the newly-built Moragahakanda reservoir at Laggala.


They are Rajawela, Kongahawela, Kadawatha, Thambarawa, Galporugolla, Elagamuwa, Thalagoda, Millagahamulatenna, Medapihilla and Maragamuwa.

These villages had around 3,500 families living in them.

They have been resettled at newly-built villages at Medirigiriya and Kaluganga lower valley.

The reservoir, with a 460,000 acre feet capacity, is four times bigger than
Parakrama Samudra.

Additionally, 12 more villages will go under water once the Kaluganga reservoir is filled with water.

They are Akarahediya, Galgedawala, Gangahenwala, Gonawala, Guruwela, Halminiya, Imadu, Karandamulla, Miniranketiya, Pallegama, Rambukoluwa and Rawanagama.

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