Dec 09, 2017

Ravi meets President : Reveals all secrets! Featured

Former Minister Ravi Karunanayake is said to have recently met President Maithripala Sirisena privately and revealed many secrets regarding the Treasury Bond scam that had not been disclosed so far.

Accordingly, Karunanayake is said to be willing to reveal all secrets publicly in connection with allegations levelled against him, according to ‘Sath handa’ which is published by an SLFP powerful minister.

He said although he was the Finance Minister, none of the banks or Central bank was under his control, hence, he cannot be held responsible for the decisions and actions of these institutions, Karunanayake had disclosed to a web site as a first step in this revelation, Sath handa reported.


‘I am not the bond thief’ is operated by a close friend of Karunanayake, Sujith Mangala de Silva.

“I have done no wrong. Therefore, the people will realise the truth and when they do, they will join me. The truth cannot be hidden. Although everyone is pointing fingers at me, the people will come to know what the truth is in the near future,” he said.