Dec 09, 2017

Mahinda reveals mini election strategy Featured

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has revealed that there is a possibility of the Joint Opposition parties would contest the upcoming Local Government elections under the ‘Podu Jana Peramuna’. 

He further revealed that they had no intention of forming an alliance with the SLFP, currently joined with the UNP to form the unity government. 

He said if they form an alliance with the SLFP who is with the government, it would be an indication that the Podu Jana Peramuna too would be willing to accept the government’s policies. 

Due to these reasons, the JO members are reluctant to contest together with the SLFP. 

Proposal from Abhayaramaya

Meanwhile, Narahenpita Abhayaramadhipathy Muruththetuwe Ananda Thera said if they are able to get the government to consent to stop the forming of a new Constitution and stop the sale of state assets, then he could convince the Mahinda Rajapaksa faction to unite with the SLFP and contest the Local Government election together. 

He said for this to happen, President Maithripala Sirisena should reveal his stance to the country and if these conditions are fulfilled, the Maha Sangha would intervene in uniting the two factions of the SLFP.  

Ven. Ananda Thera said if the two factions decide to contest the elections together, Mahinds faction would definitely emerge victorious.