Dec 08, 2017

Focus on ‘Kathira Etha’ after ‘Dala Poottuwa’

The Attorney General’s Office has taken measures to conduct the complaint regarding the killing of ‘Dala Poottuwa’.

Senior Officer to conduct the complaint

Accordingly, Acting AG and Additional Solicitor General President’s Counsel Dappula de Livera had decided to appoint a senior officer of the AG’s Department to conduct the complaint.

The decision to appoint a senior officer was taken taking into consideration a request made to the court by the CID who is currently conducting investigations regarding the killing of Dala Poottuwa.
Currently, ten persons have been arrested in connection with Dala Poottuwa’s killing and held in remand custody.

Where is ‘Kathira Dala Etha’?

Meanwhile, environmental organisations have refuted reports that another tusker known as Kathira Dala Etha or Mahasen Dala Poottuwa who was roaming the Minneriya national park has gone missing.

Previous reports suggested that Kathira Dala Etha had also fallen victim to poachers.

Residents claim that Kathira Dala Etha was last seen roaming in the Minneriya sanctuary around eight months ago.
However, environmental organisations say that the tusker Mahasen returns to Minneriya by April every year.