Dec 06, 2017

Low pressure area moving away from SL

The Met Department in its 12.00 noon forecast today (06) said low pressure area in the Southwest sea area in the Bay of Bengal is moving away from Sri Lanka.

Therefore, its effects on the island is expected to gradually decrease. Currently this low pressure system is located 850 km Northeast of Trincomalee and is expected to develop in to a depression during next 06-12 hours and move towards north-north west ward direction in the Bay of Bengal sea area.

Showers or thundershowers are expected to occur at few places in the Uva, Sabaragamuwa, Central and Southern provinces and in the Ampara districts after 2.00p.m, according to Met Department forecasts.

However, the Met Department warns that there may be temporary localized strong winds during thundershowers. General public is kindly requested to take adequate precautions to minimize damages caused by lightning activity.

Meanwhile, the Department of Meteorology Early Warning Centre issued a special advisory for the low pressure area in the south-west bay of Bengal at 10.00 am today (06).

According to the Early Warning Centre, due the location of the system, the sea areas 300km off the north-eastern and eastern coasts will be very rough with wind speed gusting up to 80-100 kmph. Heavy showers can also be expected in the above sea area.

Further it warned that the sea area off the coast extending from Hambantota to Kankasanthurai via Trincomalee can could be fairly rough at times as the wind speed can increase up to 50-60 kmph.

Therefore, the Met Department advised the fishing community to be vigilant when venturing out to sea.