Dec 05, 2017

NARA explains mass beaching of 'sea snakes'

The NARA Institute explained the reason for the mass beaching of 'sea snakes' in the Batticaloa area was due to the rise in the temperature of the sea water.

However, NARA could not pinpoint the reason for the rise in sea temperature and said an investigation has been launched to determine the reasons behind the rise in sea temperature.

Meanwhile, the Fisheries Ministry had informed NARA yesterday (04) to conduct an investigation into this phenomenon.

A large amount of 'sea snakes' had been washed ashore in the Nawaladi area in Batticaloa the day before yesterday and fishermen also said large amounts of these creatures had also been caught in their nets.

Meanwhile, specimens of these creatures have been handed over to the Eastern University for further investigations.

Several sources say that the creatures were eels and not actually sea snakes.