Dec 03, 2017

Ex-LTTE members to be economically strengthened! Featured

A project has been launched on a presidential directive to economically strengthen the former LTTE members rehabilitated during the previous regime in order for them to be integrated into society, according to ‘Sathhanda.’

Some of them will be employed at farms runs by the Army in the northern province, while the others will be assisted to start self-employment ventures with the support of civil society organizations and philanthropists.

TNA councilor M.K. Sivajilingam said they would not get involved in economically strengthening them, saying that it was the government’s responsibility.

However, EPDP leader Douglas Devananda said the TNA, which is getting funding from the Tamil Diaspora overseas, had a duty to fulfill by these ex-LTTE members.

According to him, he had taken measures when he was a minister to help them, but neither the then government nor Tamil organizations in the north east came forward to support it.

Being an opposition MP, he now has no means to implement such a programme now, he added.