Dec 03, 2017

Attempt to free killers of Dala Poottuwa ! Featured

An attempt is reportedly being made to cover up the killing of the tusker, Dala Poottuwa, in Galgamuwa.

According to information received from the Wildlife Department and Polpithigama and Ambanpola police stations, a monk at Nagala Rajamaha Vihara with links to top government figures and a deputy minister are behind that attempt.

The suspects arrested in connection with the tusker’s killing are close associates of the monk and a driver of the politician.

The area’s wildlife assistant director and the OIC of Polpithigama police are aiding them to be freed.

This assistant director is a relative of wildlife minister Gamini Jayawickrama Perera and environmental groups have been accusing him of using his political connections to commit wildlife crimes.

Although the media reported the CID has been handed over the investigation, Ambanpola police are investigating the tusker’s killing.

The anti-vice square arrested two suspects while attempting to sell the tusks, handed them over to Polpithigama police, which had produced them before courts without properly questioning them.

Also, Ambanpola police arrested several hunters and presented them to courts and are attempting to force them to give statements to fabricate a case against them.

False evidence is being manufactured, with the support of a top police official of northwestern province to say the suspects linked to the monk and the deputy minister had only cut off the tusks after finding the tusker dead.