Dec 01, 2017

Nagadeepa roadway under water (pics)

The road leading to Nagadeepa Island is reported to be submerged by sea water.

Therefore people are facing difficulty reaching the Nagadeepa path, Kurikattuwan Jetty.

The residents said due to the high winds the waves have risen above the road way.

Meanwhile, the Jaffna Disaster Management Centre said due to the strong winds and high waves travelling to Delft Island and Nagadeepa by boat is impossible.

The Jaffna Disaster Management Centre had also issued a warning to fishermen to refrain from fishing activity due to the rough sea conditions and strong winds.

Pictures show the path to the Jaffna, Kurikattuwan Jetty submerged by the rising sea level.

Nagadeepa 02

Nagadeepa 03