Dec 01, 2017

“Ockhi” departs – Rain, heavy winds to continue

The Hurricane that threatened Sri Lanka termed OCKHI in the Arabian Sea has now downgraded into a cyclone.

The Met Department said the Indian Meteorological Department too has been tracking the cyclone.

The storm is gradually moving away from Sri Lanka and is now located at about 600km to the west of Colombo and moving further away from the island. Hence its effect for the country is expected to be lessen gradually, according to the MET Department forecast issued at 5.30 am today.

 Naval and fishing activity warning:

However, according to meteorologist Buddhika Bandularatne of the the MET Department, strong winds and thunder showers are likely in the North, North Central, Uwa, South, West, Sabaragamuwa and Central provinces that could bring rainfall of over 100 mm.

He said in all other areas too fairly strong rainfall could be expected of over 75mm.

He warned that as heavy rains could be experienced in the shallow and deep sea areas off the western coast of Sri Lanka resulting in rough seas and said it posed a danger to fishing and naval activity.
The winds in this area could reach speeds of up to 100 km per hour.

Bandularatne further said that the deep depression is currently to the west of Colombo at around 300 km, but is gradually moving away from the island.