Nov 29, 2017

Plantation sector women and youth face barriers in health services

Women and young people in the plantation sector face significant barriers in accessing health services and specifically Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights information and services, which create adverse effects on health and wellbeing of women and youth, violating some of their basic human rights.

This was revealed in a desk policy review on the healthcare delivery system in the plantation sector and the needed actions for improvement.

The policy review was completed by Médecins du Monde, a French Medical organization and the Human Development Organization (HDO).

The French organizations, well recognized and appreciated the fact that Sri Lanka maintains its high standards of health services and education with remarkable health and education indicators.

The island nation is identified as a country comparable with the developed world. A low maternal mortality ratio, low infant mortality rate, high literacy rate, and high life expectancy are some of the key achievements, the review report said.