Nov 15, 2017

Proposal to absorb SAITM students to Medical Faculty

Although the government had agreed to the demands of the students of the Government Medical Faculties to abolish SAITM, so far no action has been taken to address the plight of the SAITM medical students who would be left stranded, said the SAITM medical Students Parents Circle.

According to the President of the SAITM Students Parents Circle, Gemunu Wijeratne, there are around 80 students who have obtained their medical degrees from SAITM and a further 800 are currently following the degree programme at the private medical college.

He said even the deans in their recommendations to resolve the issue had stated that justice should be served with regard to the SAITM students.

However, although the government representatives have issued statements to the effect that SAITM would be abolished, so far no proposal or mechanism has been devised to secure the future of the students of the Malabe private medical college, said Wijeratne.

Hence, he suggested that the SAITM students be absorbed into the state medical faculties and measures be taken to give proper acceptance to their degrees.

He further stated that these students were admitted to the Malabe private medical college with the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education.