Nov 04, 2017

Join the government! Get ministerial posts!! – Champika invites TNA Featured

Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka has invited the TNA to join the government, obtain ministerial posts and serve the Tamil people in the North even better.

He said he believes that politicians representing the TNA, such as MP- Sumanthiran are far more honest than some ministers within the government and as such they should be represented within the Cabinet.

The minister pointed out that by the TNA remaining in the opposition, it is a great injustice to the Northern people and said this situation can only be overcome by the TNA joining the government and holding ministerial positions.

Ranawaka said by various parties that hold different views coming together to join the government, it would pave the way for them to be a part of formulating laws that would benefit all communities and this would be an ideal opportunity to establish a successful government.

The minister made this comment joining the third day of debate on the interim report of the Steering Committee on Constitutional Reforms.