Oct 30, 2017

Death for those who support a new constitution – Gunawansa Thera Featured

Ven. Elle Gunawansa Thera says it should be the death for all those who work to introduce a new constitution to divide the country.

Speaking at a media briefing organized by ‘Yuthukama’ dialogue circle at Buddhist Cultural Centre on October 27, the Thera said he was instrumental in including the term ‘unitary’ in the present constitution.

When, in 1983, the then president J.R. Jayawardene asked him as to how to stop the Black July, he said he had advised him to include that term to prevent a division of the country.

That was included through the sixth amendment to the constitution, Gunawansa Thera said.

Today, all the underhand work has been done to divide the unitary country, he said, warning that all those who try to divide the country should be given the death sentence.

Being the guardian angels of the nation, Buddhist monks have a historic task to fulfill, he said, adding that those who do not feel the country’s values, culture, religion were accusing them saying had not right to oppose a new constitution.

Political parties only take the country ruin, and the country do not want the help of politicians, and it will be enough if they refrain from lying, said the Thera.

Referring to the decision against a new constitution taken by the Malwatte and Asgiriya chapters, he said those who do not know the tradition ask if the Mahanayake Theras were there, he said.

He questioned as to whether if anyone would ask whether the president and the prime minister were there when the cabinet took decisions.

The Sangha Sabha is more powerful than the cabinet, he said.

The Sinhala language newspapers are maintained by the Sinhalese, and those newspapers cannot be banned from exercising their right to write about national security, culture and sovereignty, said Gunawansa Thera.

A big, organized conspiracy is on to harm the Buddhist culture of the country, he warned, adding the SLFP which is the party of the five great forces had no right to support a new constitution.

13th amendment should be abolished

About those who support it, Buddhist monks will go to the villages and raise awareness among the public, he said.

The Thera also said the 13th amendment should be abolished before abolishing the executive presidency.

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