Oct 29, 2017

Public officials part-timing as journalists could be taken to court Featured

Public officials who have done part-time as freelance journalists could be taken to court on a charge of misuse of state money.

Also, editors, top administrators and owners of media institutions who have employed them could be prosecuted.

This has come to light pursuant to a revelation made on a request made by a journalist in Hatton, Ranjith Rajapakse, from the area’s zonal education office.

The office responded that many teachers serving in the central province are freelance journalists at state and private media institutions, and go for media coverage during their duty hours.

They have also misled the Government Information Department and obtained its accreditations.

The media societies in the central, southern and north central provinces are going to complain to the president, prime minister and the media minister over this.

Given below is the response by the Hatton zonal education office to journalist Ranjith Rajapakse’s request: