Oct 28, 2017

South Korea: Sri Lanka adjudged the 'best' Featured

The Sri Lankan Embassy in South Korea has adjudged the best in 2017 among the countries that send migrant workers to South Korea.

According to a circular issued by the Foreign Employment Bureau, the Sri Lankan Embassy had been adjudged the best among 16 other countries for providing the best mechanisms and strategies in providing the best service to their migrant workers.

The above mentioned circular states that the South Korean Labour and Employment Ministry had conducted this programme with the recommendations of the Human Resource Institute of South Korea.

During this survey, the functions of the Embassies and the manner in which they carry out these functions were evaluated.

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South Korea

Taking the above mentioned into consideration, the South Korean Employment and Welfare Ministry had invited the Sri Lankan Embassy personnel to conduct a lecture on the measures implemented by the Embassy for the welfare of Sri Lankan migrant workers.

The Foreign Employment Bureau further stated in their circular that due to Sri Lankan migrant workers overstaying their visas, the employment quota for this year has been reduced.

While around 25,000 migrant workers have been sent to South Korea from Sri lanka, around 5,000 of them are illegally engaged in employment without a valid visa, according to the Working Director of the Foreign Employment Bureau Attorney Upul Deshapriya.