Oct 28, 2017

Appoint a commission to investigate Rajapaksa corruption – Backbench MPs Featured

A group of government backbenchers are preparing to ask the President to appoint a Commission to investigate several key transactions carried out during the Rajapaksa regime that caused the country great losses.

The document is expected to be handed over to the President early next week and it is reported that around 50 backbenchers have signed this letter.

Accordingly, the group of MPs will ask for the investigation of the hedging transaction, Greek bond transaction, Sri Lankan Airline transaction, Uma oya transaction and several other transactions that are suspected to be fraudulent.

They will urge the President to have the Commission convene on a daily basis similar to the Bond scam Commission and complete these investigations expeditiously.

The reason cited for this request by the back bench MPs is the fact that the President has shown no interest in investigating the fraud and corruption committed during the Rajapaksa regime and based on the President’s reaction to this request they would decide further action.