Oct 25, 2017

Animal sacrifices banned at kovils in Jaffna

Jaffna High Court Judge M. Elancheliyan yesterday (24), passed a verdict banning all forms of animal sacrifices that are being practiced at Hindu kovils across Jaffna.

As a result of today’s ruling, Jaffna HC Judge M. Elancheliyan ended a prolonged court case that was lodged against the annual sacrificial ceremony that is held at the Narasimma kovil in Kavunawatte where several sacrificial animals are offered to the gods as part of a long-lasting ritual.

During his ruling, M. Elancheliyan stated that the killing of hundreds of animals at a pious, sanctimonious and public place like a kovil where thousands of devotees gather to worship the gods is a severely punishably offence.  

The legal representatives who were appearing for the continued practice of the ceremony, argued that the halting of a traditional ceremony that has been in practice for over 300 years is a dishonorable act.  

However, state representatives refuted that claim stating that the practice of such primitive, barbaric rituals should be done away with as permits for the sacrifice were handed out freely by temporary, oblivious government officials.
The High Court Judge further pointed out that the Mallakam Magistrate’s court had approved of the ceremony in 2014. He however stated that it cannot be taken as an acceptable ruling. He reminded that such decisions can only be given by the High Court or a judicial body of higher authority.

It was also pointed out that the Butchers Ordinance does not permit the public killing or sacrifice of any animal under any circumstance nullifying the claim brought forward by the defence, that stated that the ceremony was conducted in accordance with the Butchers Ordinance.

Jaffna HC Judge M. Elancheliyan informed the Police that any individual or group in violation of the verdict was to be detained immediately and brought before courts for judgement.

(Ada Derana)