Oct 14, 2017

Minister who sneaks abroad at night every month! Featured

A special investigation has been launched by the state intelligence services over the actions of a certain Cabinet Minister who sneaks overseas at night, for one day every month.

He had used his diplomatic passport and travelled to Chennai, India over the past several months.

Routinely this minister takes a night flight from BIA to Chennai and returns the next afternoon.

However, the Indian government nor diplomatic units had been notified of this minister’s visits.

According to diplomatic regulations, if a minister travels to another country, even on a private visit, the relevant country should be notified.

Then the relevant diplomatic institutions would arrange for his security and other requirements.

However, this minister had not followed any of these regulations and at times he had another party who accompanied him on this tour.

His secret travels during the past few months had caught the attention of the security forces.

The investigations that have been initiated is to determine the reason behind his one day secret travels.

This minister is said to be a party leader representing an outstation region.

This minister who created controversy during the recent past was also a minister of the previous government.