Oct 14, 2017

Sword attacks between 2 rival gangs in Vavuniya (Pics)

As a result of two rival group clashes near the Nochchimotai College in Vavuniya yesterday (13), three persons received cut injuries and were admitted to the Vavuniya hospital, said the Omanthai Police.

According to police, the clash had erupted between two rival youth gangs from Pudiyasinnakulam and Nochchimotai areas.

On prior occasions too rival groups from these two areas had clashed with each other which resulted in several persons being injured.

According to police, these groups had used swords, poles wrapped with barbed wire and metal poles during the clash.

Three persons aged 38, 29 and 22 who had sustained injuries in the clash were admitted to the Vavunia hospital, according to police.

Omanthai Police are conducting further investigations.

(Pictures show police intervening in stopping the clash)