Vavuniya town deserted due to the hartal Vavuniya town deserted due to the hartal
Oct 13, 2017

Hartal in north to demand freedom for Tamil political prisoners! Featured

Daily life in the north came to a standstill today (13) due to a hartal staged by 14 organizations affiliated to the TNA.

Shops remained closed in main towns in the province, while only a handful of hotels were kept open.

Only a few passenger buses were in operation too.

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Police patrol during the hartal

Almost all Tamil schools were closed, while Sinhala schools remained open.

Attendance was limited at government offices and banks.

 98301533 minisaNo work for Nattamis as shops remained closed

The hartal was staged to demand a reversal of a transfer of three cases against three LTTE suspects from Vavuniya high court to Anuradhapura.

The transfer came with a notification to the court that the Vavuniya court had no adequate protection for the witnesses in the cases, who are members of the military.

The cases were heard only once following the transfer, and the three LTTE suspects began a fasting at prison.

They said they would be denied justice as there would be no proper interpreter facilities at the Anuradhapura high court.

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A deserted bus stand

TNA and opposition leader R. Sampanthan wrote to the president, prime minister and the justice minister asking that Tamil political prisoners be released immediately.

North chief minister C.V. Vigneswaran sent a letter to the government with a similar request previously.