Oct 12, 2017

Shalila Munasinghe is an English national by birth! Featured

Former chairman of Litro Gas N.M. Shalila Munasinghe is an English national by birth, the court was told yesterday (11).

He is the second suspect in the stealing of Rs. 320 million from a Taiwan bank by hacking into its data.

The CID informed the magistrate that his visa to stay in Sri Lanka would expire on 08 December, and that he has obtained a national identity card from the Department of Registration of Persons.

Munasinghe’s mother Beula Dias was the private secretary to the late minister Lalith Ethulathmudali.

First suspect holds dual citizenship

The first suspect, Janaka Chaminda Nammuni, holds the citizenship of both Sri Lanka and England, the CID said.

He had got nearly Rs. 300 million transferred to his state bank account from a Taiwan bank, and he had withdrawn a similar amount on October 03.

Visiting the state bank three days later, he had asked the manager to transfer Rs. 50 million from his account to a private bank account.

Investigators found a document signed by Nammuni and an Indian suspect to share the stolen money equally.

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