Nov 17, 2016

Dole company flees Trinco Featured

Workers at a major banana cultivation in Trincomalee are on a protest after its owner, the Dole company, fled without paying them any compensation.

Yesterday afternoon (16), they blocked the main entrance and prevented a lorry from entering the farm’s premises to take away equipment worth between Rs. eight million and 10 million.

These manpower workers, numbering nearly 100, have been attached to Pinnacle Engineering.

All of them count more than 180 days of service at the farm, and around 80 have been there for the past one to three years.

Dole has torn down the cultivation and taken away some equipment.

The workers have lodged a complaint with the labour office in Trincomalee.

However, policemen bought by the company are giving threatening telephone calls to the protestors, reports.

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