Oct 02, 2017

12,000 yr old human bones found? (pics) Featured

Evidence has been found of the existence of human habitats 12,000 years ago in the difficult Kongramkulam village at Settikulam in Vavuniya.

Lecturer of archeology at Sri Lanka Bhikku University in Anuradhapura, Ven. Galwewe Vimalakitti Thera said excavations unearthed two human bones, tools made of animal bones and stones, cave paintings of animals, a kind of coal and animal bones.

Also found were seven stone inscriptions, stupas, houses for statues and Bo trees and remains of Buddha statues, including one made of marble.

According to Buddhist monks involved in the excavation work, stone inscriptions say the location was named the cave of Giritissa Thera.

Vimalakitti Thera describes it as a very important finding of prehistoric human settlements in northern province.

He added that after doing a carbon-testing to determine the age of these findings, a final report would be made available by December.