Sep 20, 2017

Best way for govt. to save face! Featured

The provincial councils (amendment) draft bill that raises representation of women nominees at PC polls to 30 per cent will be debated in parliament today (20).

The decision was taken after the Supreme Court’s determination that a referendum was needed to pass the 20th amendment to the constitution.

The government plans to submit a proposal to hold the PC polls under a mixed system.

Least riskly for govt

Also, the government is mostly likely to go for a referendum, which is the least riskly for it.

By that, it will convince to the country that it has followed the SC ruling and at the same time allow it to put off the PC polls without facing much opposition.

A god send for all

Meanwhile, CaFFE executive director says in a facebook posting,

One man’s dream REFERENDUM scenario

The Supreme Court has told Speaker Karu Jayasuriya that certain clauses of the 20th amendment to the constitution is inconsistent with the current constitution and needs two thirds majority at the Parliament as well as approval by people at an island wide referendum for it to become law.

However the Supreme Court has not dictated what the question that should be asked in the referendum and that leads to an interesting situation because the question can easily be on the lines of whether a person wants First Past the Post or Proportional Representation system. And it is possible that the country might head for an island wide referendum, the first since the 1982’sinfamous referendum.