Sep 18, 2017

Berendina distributes drought relief for 2,000 families

Berendina Group recently distributed 2,000 dry ration packs to 2,000 families affected by drought in the Anuradhapura region. The donation was sponsored by Berendina Microfinance Institute (Gte) Ltd. (BMI), Sri Lanka’s leading microfinance institution in the Non-Governmental Sector with a view to mitigate the negative economic impact of the drought on destitute families. The ceremonial event to handover the relief was held at the YowunNikethanaya in Anuradhapura recently.

Since the last heavy rains in July 2016, there has been little to no harvest for three consecutive seasons, which has forced many farmers and herders in the Anuradhapura region to abandon their cattle and farms in search of work and water else where. A joint report by the World Food Program and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization that was released in mid-June, classified the drought in Sri Lanka as the worst in 40 years.

Realizing the severity of the situation,Berendina stepped in to donate dry rations worth Rs. 8 million in total with each dry ration pack donated costing Rs. 4,000. Each pack included a 25-kilogram rice bag and other consumable items. The beneficiaries of this relief action plan consisted of families living in the remote regions of Manupa, Thirappane, Kahatagasdigiliya and Ipalogama.

The donations were presented at an event attended by the Chairman of Berendina–Mr. Anura Athapattu, Director –Mr. Jagath Godakanda, Director of Berendina Stichting - Mr. Jan De Witte, General Manager of Berendina Development Services –Mr. Dayantha Fernando, Area Manager– Mr. Saman Wijesundara, senior government representatives and other distinguished invitees.

BMI, with the support of its sister organizations, Berendina Development Services (Gte) Ltd (BDS), Berendina Employment Centre (Gte) Ltd (BEC) and Berendina Micro Investments Company Limited (BMIC) focuses on assisting the poor and the extreme poor segments of the society to reach prosperity. BDS reaches out to a wide segment of disadvantaged individuals spread across its 22 branches covering nine districts island-wide.

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