Sep 17, 2017

Election to unite ‘January 08’ forces! Featured

Several leading figures in the government have proposed to the president and the prime minister to call a referendum first if the Supreme Court determines that one is needed for the passage of the 20th amendment to the constitution.

The SC’s ruling is due to be announced in parliament by the speaker on 19 September.

In the event a referendum is needed, the Elections Commission will issue a gazette announcing elections for Sabaragamuwa, north central and eastern provinces, whose terms end on 26 September.

The government has also decided to hold the local government elections early December.

Opinion polls suggest it will be disadvantageous to hold elections for the PCs before the LG polls.

Therefore, leading government figures are of the view that holding a referendum first will be good for the government.

They also noted to the president that at all other elections, the forces that were united on ‘January 08’ will contest separately, and therefore, it was productive to unite them at a referendum.