Only qualified tender dropped, other 5 tenders to be opened Only qualified tender dropped, other 5 tenders to be opened
Sep 15, 2017

Controversy over LNG power plant tender! Featured

The power ministry and the CEB are going to open tenders by five bidders chosen on political grounds, while dropping the only qualified tender, for the construction of the LNG power plant at Kerawalapitiya, alleges the Centre for Human Rights.

CHR executive director Keerthi Tennakoon says in a statement this will be the worst corrupt tender that will increase the electricity bill for more than 20 years.

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Upul Jayasuriya lost BOI chair due to the exposure

Upul Jayasuriya lost the BOI chairmanship due to the exposure of six investments that will bring profits without any capital.

Tenders were called for the 300 mw LNG power plant in December last year.

Technical committee chief resigns

Eight companies placed bids as tenders were accepted until 21 April 2017.

The technical evaluation committee recommended that the tender submitted by Samsung be opened on 13 July 2017.

However, three ministers with vested interests instructed two days previously that only the tenders by five companies found unqualified by the committee be opened.

Due to this political pressure, chairman of the committee, ministry secretary Vithanage, and two other members resigned.

Moments before the Samsung tender was to be opened, the CEB sent an email saying the meeting had been cancelled.

On August 13, Samsung was again asked to attend the opening of the tender, but the meeting ended in uproar as a group who had stormed it opened the tenders by force.

On August 13, the ministry and the CEB decided to open the tenders by the five companies for which the committee gave conditional approval, with Samsung’s tender being sidelined.

Being used as a political tool

The technical evaluation committee and the procurement committee are being used as a tool to open the tenders supported by politicians.

It is not transparent and also not good governance to summon state officials before the cabinet subcommittee on economic affairs and award tenders on political grounds.

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