Sep 14, 2017

Chathurika Sirisena’s book presented to Wijeweera’s daughter Esha!

A book titled ‘Janadhipathy Thaththa’  written by the eldest daughter of President Maithripala Sirisena will be presented to the daughter of Rohana Wijeweera, Esha and several other prominent daughters of politicians.

The book will be launched on September 15 at 7.30 AM at the BMICH and will be presented to the daughter of the country’s first President Willium Gopallewa, Chandrika Iranganie Gopallewa, Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaranatunge, Sunetra Bandaranaike, Dulanjalie Premadasa, Chitranganie Wijetunge, Yasodha Kumaranatunge and Esha Wijeweera.

Among them all those currently residing in Sri Lanka are expected to participate.

A book of this nature written by a daughter of a President is a milestone in the history of this country.

It is also significant that this book will be presented to the daughters of other political leaders and it is significant that Wijeweera’s daughter is also among them.

Janadipathi Thatha 01 12092017 FHM
Many political secrets revealed!

Chathurika Sirisena, the elder daughter of President Sirisena is a graduate in Information Technology and includes the terrorist attack on her father and untold stories of the battle of Presidential Election of 2015.

The specialty of this book is that it is free of political banter and is written as an interesting story.

It also includes the detailed narration of incidents that took place from the time of Sirimavo Bandaranaike and how these affected their family.
This book is the first written by a daughter of an incumbent President and it is published by Sarasavi Publishers.