Poornima Meegammana Poornima Meegammana
Sep 11, 2017

Victimized Lankan girl to be awarded for opposing cyber-bullying Featured

With just one day to go for her GCE A/L exam, Poornima Meegammana became a victim of cyber bullying.

Recalling her painful experience to BBC Sinhala Service, Poornima said she had received very bad facebook messages from one of her closest friends.

Later, she came to know that another of her friends had done it, after managing to log into that fb account.

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Message is carried through short films, picture stories etc.

She said she was in serious mental breakdown following the incident, but that her greatest strength was that her parents and those close to her were knowledgeable about cyber-bullying, or cyber-harassment.

To prevent Sri Lankan youth from undergoing similar bitter experiences, she organized her friends together and launched ‘Respect Girls on Internet.’

Now, her programme has been recognized by the the Washington-based Internet Society on its 25th anniversary.

Poornima is among 25 under 25 awardees of the Society.

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Respect Girls on Internet team

She said her initiative is carrying the message through short films, picture stories etc. and also prepared a cyber privacy handbook in Sinhala, Tamil and English languages, which can be downloaded from their website.

It helps young victims like her and in addition, workshops on protecting from cyber-bulling are being organized at schools.

The latest will be a project to raise IT awareness among the country’s youths.

The 25 Under 25 awardees will be formally recognized at a special ceremony 18 September in Los Angeles, California.