Sep 07, 2017

Aloysius received sensitive, confidential information Featured

Arjun Aloysius, the son-in-law of former Central Bank governor Arjun Mahendran, had received sensitive confidential information pertaining to CB bond sales, the presidential commission inquiring into the bond commission was told today (06)

This has come to light through the recorded telephone conversations between the Perpetual Treasuries chief Aloysius and his CEO Kasun Palisena.

Head dealer of PT Nuwan Salgado has provided the commission with the audios of the data deleted by the company from its database.

They indicated that Aloysius had received details of the bids by the EPF, NSB and other institutions.

Rosie Senanayake’s son

Document received through Rosie Senanayake’s son

It also transpired that PT had received, through a son of the then COPE member Rosie Senanayake, a committee document pertaining to questionable bond deals before parliament was dissolved in 2015.

Aloysius has now been issued notice to appear before the presidential commission to give a statement.

Aloysius is missing

Officials told the commission that they could not find him either at his home or office to hand him over the notice.

The commission ordered the lawyers for Aloysius to inform him to appear before the commission.

Head dealer Salgado told the commission that he had received death threats, and an order was given to the police to provide him with security.

At the commission’s request, STF protection was given to its premises today.