Sep 06, 2017

Plot to save Gota from Welikada killings accusation (video) Featured

The main witness in the Welikada prisoner killings five years ago alleges the shooting that targeted his home on Monday night is part of an organized plan against him by former defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, reports.

Sudesh Chandimal urges the government to ensure his safety following the incident that came a week before the court case into the killings is to take place.

This is the third time his life was threatened within a period of three years.

Speaking to the media, Chandimal accused the former justice minister of not having taken steps to serve justice to the victims and their relatives.

Also convener of the committee to protect rights of detainees, he expressed fear that there was a plan to destroy witnesses to the incident, and asked the new justice minister to ‘tie-up these dogs who are on the loose.’

Threatened by a top Railway official

Chandimal as well as heads of the Sri Lanka Human Rights Centre are of the view that their suspicions of an organized plan was made clear by the fact that the shooting occurred on the same day he had gone to give a statement to the Victim and Witness Protection Authority with regard to a threat by a top official of the Railway Department, where he is employed.

In a complaint to the CID, he said the official in question accused him of trying to imprison ‘our defence secretary’ and asked him as to why he was concerned about the deaths of the prisoners.

Govt. urged to remove Authority’s top officials

An international HR group in February challenged the conduct of the Authority’s chairman Suhada Gamlath, who was the justice ministry secretary and solicitor general during the Rajapaksa regime, and the two other top officials, and called for their removal.

The Sri Lanka Human Rights Centre’s executive director Rajith Keerthi Tennakoon alleges armed forces members had gone to the Welikada prison on 11 November 2012 and made a group of prisoners they had chosen from a list to kneel down and shot them on their heads.

Relatives of the victims allegge that the ex-defence secretary had ordered the shooting, that left 27 dead and more than 40 injured.

Tennakoon charges the present regime too, is protecting the criminals and endangering the lives of the witnesses to the incident.